InfiNET Point Limited is a business providing bespoke software solutions to small and medium sized enterprises. We specialize in the healthcare sector supplying software consultancy and application development across a wide range of disciplines including security, technical software architecture, client-server development, enterprise design, database design, automation of business processes and Internet/Intranet solutions.

We continue to develop mission-critical applications for UK’s healthcare sector.  For example we have developed systems for electronic transfer of pathology results from pathology laboratories to their clients which are mainly doctors or groups of doctors located around the globe.  We are continuing to develop online laboratory reporting systems where customers can securely view patient information from any location.

Being small we aim to give true value for money without compromising quality and reliability.  When engaged we try to adhere to all the good practices of the software development life-cycle producing high quality software systems.

In addition to expertise in the healthcare sector we have also successfully delivered and are continuing to improve various business-critical software systems in other areas such as:

  • Contact Management and Email Marketing System
  • Specialist Medical software for Data Transfers including Fax, FTP and Email Systems
  • Property Management System for Construction/Maintenance of commercial property
  • Financial Software for Management Reporting & Invoicing
  • Automated Web Site Management Systems
  • Educational Software Systems

We know that our products and services will directly benefit you in increasing your profits.